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Youth Programs - FALL Registration is Open!

Intro to PE: Kits’ Preschool Gym Class is the perfect way to introduce our youngest athletes to the exciting world of sports. Along with learning the basics for sports like basketball, football, baseball, track, soccer and more, other age appropriate games will also take place. Relay races, scooter races and other playground games will also keep your youngster engaged and to encourage listening skills, following directions and also waiting their turn.  ages 4-6 years old

Flag Football: This football class will start with the basics of the sport of football. Class will start with running, agility and footwork while beginning to learn how to handle the football. Soft footballs will be used to learn to toss, catch and throw. Flags will be introduced. Evaluation will be given at the end of class to move to next level. Ages 7-9 or 10-12 yrs

Beginners Soccer:  Introduces the most fundamental soccer skills. Players will learn dribbling, passing, shooting, running while learning how to play the game of soccer.

Multi Sport Class: learn the basic fundamental skills and rules while playing actual games of: kickball, flag football, soccer, wiffleball, floor hockey, basketball, dodgeball… For ages 7-10yrs old

Speed and Agility: Kits speed class starts with the building blocks of speed mechanics: start or take off, acceleration phase, top end speed maintenance and proper running form. During our training sessions, we help athletes of all ages understand how arm swing helps leg turnover, how proper posture helps maintain top speed and how subtle differences in the foot strike can effect whether an athlete is accelerating or decelerating during a run. This class covers all ages of runners, from beginner athletes to the elite levels! Ages 8-12 yrs

Soccer Skills:  Take your game to a higher level. After completing soccer skills 1, skills 2 will sharpen your skills even more so you are always ready for any competition. A great class to improve your moves, turns, foot skills, ball control and speed. Ages 6-9 or 7-11 yrs.

Floor Hockey: This instructional class is designed to introduce your child to floor hockey by providing basic individual hockey skills including passing, stick handling and shooting. Scrimmages will also be hosted each week to insure the player is understanding these basic skills and are able to utilize them during game play. Ages 7-10yrs

Intro to Basketball: learn and practice the fundamentals utilized in playing basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, movement, ball handling, defending… while playing games and learning the rules For ages 5-8yrs old



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